The national sport of The Isles of Avalon is an honour duel carried out in a 12 square feet island. Located in arenas known as Stadias, there are usually a total of 40 islands with a special island in the centre for the main events. The fights involve each combatant taking one blow at a time. The combatants are given a shield which, when destroyed, is replaced by another, and then another. When these shields are gone they are left only being able to parry. The fight ends when either one of the combatants become injured or wounded, although it is not uncommon for a fight to end in death. There are several stipulations which include no running, no dodging, and no jumping. Rules also state that weapons must be no longer than 6 foot in length, and no shorter than 3, although there are no rules stating what kind of weapon can be used, nor how many, although projectiles are not allowed.

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